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UML Analyzer

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UML Analyzer!

UML Analyzer is a tool for analyzing the UML diagrams (now only for class diagram).
You can view the help document online or download the pdf file here. You can also find the 'example.uml' here.

You can upload a class diagram file, and start quickly. Start


The class diagram file you uploaded should be created by ArgoUML tool. And the format of the file name should be like 'example.uml'. We can only recognize the class diagram created in ArgoUML and the file should be saved as 'xxx.uml'. ArgoUML is a modeling tool like rational rose and enterprise architecture.

Find Circulations

The part of finding circulations is used to search and analyze the circulations in the class diagram . We find that circulations in a class diagram often have problems, our work is to find and analyze them.

Get Big Picture

The part of getting the big picture of a class diagram can help users understand the class diagram quickly. It shows the relationship and correlation between any two classes in the class diagram. At the same time , it gives a rank of each class which means the importance of the diagram. At last it generates the big picture of the class diagram.

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